Ingredients Matter

Maya Moon Co.’s ingredients support healthy environments and a high quality of life for farmers and beekeepers locally and around the world.

  • Organic Cacao—Direct trade, organic cacao is sourced by working directly with farmers in Peru, putting more dollars in their homes and communities, rather than multiple chains of distributors. Organic stewardship fosters healthy soils, clean water and diverse, vibrant ecosystems—keys to the natural self-sustaining balance that allows the production of healthy quantities of high quality foods, year after year.

  • Raw Honey—Our only sweetener is sourced from San Diego beekeepers who use sustainable practices, keeping bees away from pesticides and herbicides. The result is healthier pollinator populations and more economic support for local beekeepers.


Each ingredient in our chocolate truffles supports wellness. Cacao is full of antioxidants for heart health and theobromine naturally boosts your mood. Creamy coconut butter and coconut milk are rich in healthy fats. Raw honey is our only sweetener. It’s a natural preservative (we don’t use any additional additives), and it boosts your immune system. Sea salt and organic vanilla extract add balance and depth. And that’s it—no fillers, no soy, no dairy, no refined sugar.

Herbs, fruits and spices create our naturally colorful and distinctive flavors, and they work together to activate and balance your energy centers for greater harmony in body, mind and spirit.

Each step in our supply chain—from growing the cacao to hand rolling each beautiful chocolate truffle to packing boxes to ship—is managed with loving care and positive intentions. We believe that the energy we put into our products is the energy you will receive in eating our delicious and decadent chocolate truffles, and we take this responsibility seriously.

Let food (and chocolate) be thy medicine!